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jr dot connect

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"jr dot connect" is Connect the Dots for the very young. Simple and impossible to lose.Connect the Dots to create a picture that your touch will bring to life!Scratch away to reveal the hidden colours underneath and play with the interactive scene you created!
9 Pictures to create and interact with including: Dog, Goldfish, Xylophone, Butterfly, Ladybird, Cupcake, Chicken, Robot-Dinosaur, and the new Rocket-Ship!
Playable Xylophone + 2 hidden mini-games: Rocket-ship and Ladybird
All pictures use numbers from 1 up to 10.The next number is highlighted. It is not possible to be wrong.A visual and audio fanfare congratulates you on completing each image.Your touch causes sound and movement, bringing the images to life.
Made for juniors, toddlers, and very young children.Ages up to 5Designed for medium to large screens.